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Shell Global Marine Oil General Manager and Shell (China) Leaders Visited Our Company to Inspect and Guide Work


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On March 31, 2014, Mr., Global Marine Oil General Manager of Shell Leaders from Surenderdeep Singh, Shell (China) Harrison, Guo Feng, Susan, and others visited Shenzhen Runxinlong for inspection and guidance. Their trip aims to comprehensively understand the development of our marine engineering projects, our key clients, and the follow-up of new shipyards.


A group photo of Shell leaders and our personnel. From the left are: Li Zhiping, our lubricant department manager, Liao Junheng, our general manager, and Mr., the global marine oil general manager of Shell Surenderdeep Singh, Harrison, General Manager of Shell Marine Oil Greater China, Susan, Customer Manager of Shell (China) Marine Oil, Chen Xiaofen, Assistant General Manager of our company, and Guo Feng, Customer Manager of Shell (China) Marine Oil.
The itinerary for this inspection and guidance work includes a morning report exchange and guidance meeting (in our company's conference room) and an afternoon on-site inspection and guidance visit to Youlian Shipyard.
The main content of the report exchange guidance meeting is: 1. Review our company's business development and strategies in key customers; 2、 Marine engineering projects and new construction projects; 3、 The current problems and support needed; 4、 Interactive session.
After lunch, accompanied by our General Manager Liao Junheng and Oil Department Manager Li Zhiping, Shell leaders wore safety helmets and shoes to visit our newly built project at Youlian Shipyard, and provided relevant guidance on the project.
Our company's rapid sales growth and business development since joining Shell have left a deep impression on Shell's leaders, Mr Surinderdeep Singh not only recognizes the outstanding achievements our company has made now, but also serves as an important instruction for related projects. We hope that our company can continuously expand its scale and team while developing its business. We hope that the sales volume of the new year can once again break through and create excellent results!

Mr., General Manager of Shell Global Marine Oil Surinderdeep Singh and our General Manager Liao Junheng's group photo
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