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Shell Marine Oil Technology Exchange Conference - March 2017 Guangdong Yuedian (Guangzhou)


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On March 28, 2017, our Runxinlong team and Shell team went to Tianhe District, Guangzhou to have a technical exchange meeting with our VIP client Guangdong Yuedian Shipping Co., Ltd. on Shell ship lubricants.
Attendees of this exchange meeting include Mr. Zhuang, the Technical Department Manager of Guangdong Yuedian Shipping Co., Ltd. and various ship old gauges, Mr. Yang Jun, the Key Account Manager of Shell Greater China, Ms. Wen Juhua (Odi), the Sales Manager of Shell China, and Mr. Flank, the keynote speaker of this meeting; Our General Manager Mr. Liao Junheng, Vice General Manager Mr. Li Zhiping, Technical Director Mr. Hu Guosheng, and General Manager Assistant Ms. Chen Xiaofen.
This meeting mainly focused on the product reshaping (medium speed engine oil product upgrade and hydraulic oil upgrade), technical upgrade, and RLA sampling precautions of Shell's ship lubricating oil. The on-site response and discussion were very enthusiastic. The attending mechanical supervisors gave on-site feedback on the difficulties in on-site operation and ship equipment lubrication. Flank also answered and resolved the Q&A issues at the meeting on the spot.
This meeting not only deepened technical exchanges, but also enhanced communication and cooperation between our Shenzhen Runxinlong Company and Guangdong Yuedian Shipping Co., Ltd; Guangdong Yuedian Shipping Co., Ltd. expresses its gratitude to our company for organizing this technical exchange activity, and expresses that such exchanges are very meaningful, which not only enhances mutual understanding and friendship; At the same time, various maintenance supervisors have also gained a more comprehensive understanding of Shell's products.
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