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| 2016-11-16| Return

On the afternoon of November 1, 2016, the long-awaited "Shell Marine Oil Technology Exchange Conference" was successfully held in the comprehensive conference room on the fifth floor of the Tianjin Geophysical Exploration Division. This exchange conference was jointly organized by the Tianjin Geophysical Exploration Division of CNOOC and Shenzhen Runxinlong Shipbuilding Materials Supply Co., Ltd. With the careful preparation of relevant personnel from both parties and the strong support of Shell, a successful outcome was achieved. Through this technical exchange conference, both parties deepened their understanding of each other and opened up new steps for cooperation in the field of marine lubricants!



A total of 47 leaders and experts attended this technical exchange meeting. The leaders of the Tianjin Geophysical Exploration Division gave important instructions on the use and promotion of Shell marine oil, the Shell team promoted business and shared technology in the field of marine oil, Shenzhen Runxinlong Company introduced supply services, and the attending representatives discussed the relevant issues encountered in the use of marine lubricating oil. The atmosphere of the meeting was friendly and harmonious, and the whole meeting lasted for more than three hours. Although it was early winter, everyone felt warm in their hearts.




Shenzhen Runxinlong Company and CNOOC have been establishing a cooperative relationship since 2011. The leaders of Shenzhen Runxinlong Company have always adhered to the development concept of "long-term development, future oriented" and the service concept of "customer first, high-quality service". Through years of cooperation, they have gained full recognition from high-quality customers like CNOOC. Through the in-depth understanding and face-to-face communication of this technical exchange meeting, we have further understood the customer's requirements for products and services. Through mutual learning, we have promoted win-win cooperation and opened a new chapter of friendly cooperation. We wish both parties a "win-win cooperation, common development, and a better future" in their future cooperation journey!



(Author: Hu Guosheng, Technical Director of Shenzhen Runxinlong)

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