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Collective Activity of Runxinlong Company - December 28, 2013 Picnic Activity


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Christmas, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival are approaching. In order to enrich the leisure life of employees and strengthen team spirit, internal personnel and family members of the company came to Nanao, Shenzhen for a "picnic" on December 28th. On that day, everyone came early to gather, bringing purchased oil, salt, vegetables, and fruits, and arrived at the destination accompanied by laughter and joy. Everyone became increasingly enthusiastic and busy with lunch - everyone showed their abilities, picking firewood, making fires, washing vegetables, catching chickens and fishing, making dumplings, cooking, and so on. Everyone was busy and happy.

Effort pays off. Looking at the table full of food, everyone was extremely happy and the taste was really amazing. From time to time, it attracted the attention of other teams who were having picnics at Wanlv. They even asked our colleagues, "Does your company run a restaurant?" We looked at each other for a second and smiled~


After dinner, everyone went to the strawberry orchard together to pick fresh and delicious strawberries. The tender and red strawberries were really tempting. Look - how happy the children were eating, and how happy the adults were picking them. When leaving the strawberry orchard, everyone had a harvest, bringing fresh strawberries they picked with their own hands back home~


After picking strawberries, everyone followed Mr. Liao to Jinshuiwan Resort. Under the warm sunshine, stepping on the fine yellow sand, and looking at the sea, it was peaceful, peaceful, and very pleasant; People from all over the world gather here at the "Special Inn" (element 02), playing cards, rubbing mahjong, chatting and drinking tea... They enjoy sports and even go cycling with many people, each with a joyful smile on their face.


The sun has set, and there is also a slight coolness; But everyone's enthusiasm continued to grow. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, everyone walked towards the ancient and charming Pengcheng Restaurant in Dapeng City. They tasted Hakka specialty dishes and drank some wine, and the day's journey came to an end with laughter. Some colleagues even sat around and played the game of idioms and dragons after finishing their meal. In short, the organized picnic was great and successful, it was truly an unforgettable trip.

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